Sunday, August 19, 2012

Paddle 'n Party Kayak Club

Paddle 'n Party - it's not the best name although, it does roll off your tongue. Say it three times real fast!  We brainstormed several other names like "Kay-Yakkers", "Sunset Paddlers" and "Boat Buddies" but in the end this is the one we chose. (For all that, one of the members, Cindy, calls it "Carol's Club" because Carol Ann started it, and I think that is the one that is sticking!)

It truly was Carol Ann's brainchild really.  She wanted to spread the word about how much fun folks would have if they just got out on the river for a paddle.  So it was decided that on Thursday evenings from 5:15 - 7:30 we would meet at the Charles Cafe in Millis and head out for a 2 hour ride on the river.  Afterward, we would go inside the cafe and have dinner or drinks.

It has been a success so far!  Two weeks ago - our first group launch - found 11 paddlers shoving off the shore.  We headed upstream on a hazy, hot and humid late afternoon.  We had several newbie paddlers, some intermediate and a couple experienced ones as well.  One of the members, Eddy, (did I mention membership is FREE), brought along his fishing gear.  He got a couple of nibbles on his line, but nothing big. Then on the return trip he was rewarded with the catch of a good-sized large-mouth bass.   The evening ended with more fun, stories and laughter while dining.

This past week the clear blue sky signaled an inviting evening for paddlers of all abilities.   We were treated to the sighting of the majestic great blue heron who was squawking his welcome along the river.  After coming ashore we spent another evening chattering about our experiences with one another over a quick meal and drink. 

Hope you'll consider joining us this week!  Don't forget it's free if you have your own boat and rentals are only $25.00.  Reserve early as it is becoming a popular outing!


  1. Hi Nancy. I was hoping you would write a post about this on Kayakers Chronicles. Nice post. It is fun to get out with some really nice people and enjoy an easy paddle with some drinks afterwards. Great video by the way!

  2. Hi Nancy and fellow kayakers,
    We had an excellent time last Thursday night: great time on the river with great people, and a very fun time afterward. You can count on us to be there every Thursday as often as we can. This morning (Sunday the 19th), we took a guided kayak tour of the Norton Reservoir with Dave Lennon of Norton Kayak Company See
    The whole family came and again, we had a blast. Dave Lennon really makes the time worthwhile, providing all kinds of information on safe kayaking, proper technique, and once out on the water, all about the reservoir. We would highly recommend Dave and the Norton Kayak Co. to anyone, but especially newer kayakers like us.

    See you Thursday, Jon and Christy

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