Saturday, January 7, 2012

Watercraft in Winter!

Stopping for a little laughter!
It was just about a year ago today that a winter storm advisory was in effect for our area.  At that time our kayaks were secured and stored away without a thought of being used as snow amounts made it the 3rd snowiest January on record.

Fast forward to today where the temperatures reached over 60 degrees.  Perfect for a day with the sisters to be on the Charles River - our favorite kayaking spot!  After checking out one or two landings we decided to shove off at Peter's Point because of its easy on/off access.

The strong current provided a solid workout.  The wind whispering through the trees blew in our faces as we made our way upstream. Gnarled trees looked as though they were waving to us from the sidelines and on the edge of the river shiny glints of ice sat smiling as if to say "yes, it IS January after all!"

It was a quiet day on the river with the exception of the  'raft of mallards' in the water ahead.  They acted like guides as they seemed to be leading the way.  Of course we did paddle by the Bill Martin Field where we heard and spied some radio controlled air craft flying high over head.

Quitting time!
Along the shoreline we could see many hikers and bikers also taking advantage of the weather as they made their way through the Rocky Narrows Reservation area.  We did exchange some 'hellos' and 'how you doings' with a few young hikers who were atop King Philip's Overlook.

The day that started out warm now had a nip in the air.  (Fortunately I had a sham-wow with me that I placed across my legs like a blanket for warmth.)  The sun was quickly sinking behind the trees so it was time to head back and call it a day.

This was one of those BONUS days...Who would have imagined that we would be kayaking in New England in January.