Thursday, July 14, 2011

Perfect Day to Paddle!

For days the air conditioning has been running non-stop because it has been so hot outside.  Then last night a quick storm passed by bringing with it a change in temperature.

The result today: A perfect day to paddle along one of the sweetest spots on the Charles River.  The air was crisp but warm, and the sky was a deep blue with billowy, white clouds which reflected beautifully upon the water.

We arrived mid-morning at our destination.  After transporting the kayaks down a somewhat short, but narrow passage, Lisa, Carol Ann and I quickly pushed off the shore heading upstream at the Route 27 bridge for an afternoon of respite away from work and daily chores.

What kind of plant is this?
Although it was only Thursday, we were soon to realize that we were not the sole visitors of the Charles this day.  We no sooner rounded the first bend, and we passed by 3 other women kayakers (playing hooky from work!).  Surprisingly, we passed by a total of 11 kayakers and a gentleman fishing from atop an old railroad bridge.  Even still, we traveled the waterway with the feeling that we were the only people on the river!  It was just lovely!

There were many turtles on logs and rocks taking the opportunity to catch a little sun. We saw a couple of great blue herons, who seemed bothered that we invaded their space. (They flew away just a short distance upstream, only to have to fly away again when we passed by.)  Carol Ann seemed to think that one Blue Heron was playing a game with us!

Which way to the Charles Cafe?
One of the recurring discussions along the paddle was trying to identify a certain plant.  I of course insisted it was purple loosestrife while Carol Ann insisted it was NOT...after further researching, I am publicly saying I was wrong and Carol Ann was correct - that plant is NOT the loosestrife!  Which makes me wonder what this plant is....if you know, please leave let me know in the comment section!

Other highlights of our trip included coming upon a couple of men fishing in kayaks.  We witnessed one of them catch a 16 inch bass - nice! Another highlight was when we pulled up on the shore at the Charles Cafe, in Millis for lunch.  We stayed there just long enough to eat some delicious sandwiches and have a glass of ice tea on the outdoor deck which overlooks the river and chat about our day.  We then returned downstream to finish off the 5 mile round-trip paddle.

The Charles River continues to provide a peaceful interlude and mini-vacation from our daily activities.  


  1. Perfect day! Not too hot, not too cold... lots to see and terrific company! Can't wait to go again. I tried to research that plant too with no luck. Will be waiting to see if anyone identifies it!

  2. Well, after much research from our friend Sue, at Ryan & Faenza - we have discovered that the plant in question is called, "Pickerelweed" and indeed, not loosestrife! Always learning! Thank you Sue!


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